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Watch Out For These Foot Problems Caused By DiabetesJust when we thought diabetes was our biggest problem now we have sores on our feet that wont heal, and sometimes we cant even feel our feet at all!

Diabetes often goes hand-in-hand with various foot problems. Some are a lot more serious than others. But none of them are pleasant.
But luckily there are ways to treat and prevent these problems. Lets have a look at the 6 foot problems most commonly associated with diabetes

1. Neuropathy

Neuropathy is another term used for nerve damage. The constant high sugar levels that come along with diabetes cause damage to the nerves in the body. This can sometimes lead to serious pain, but most often the effect starts out with a tingly feeling in the limbs, which then ends up with partial or complete numbness in the arms and hands, or legs and feet. Although, it is most frequently found to target the feet.

2. Skin Changes

Many people with diabetes might notice the skin on their feet to become very dry and start to peel or crack. This is partly due to nerve damage, as mentioned above. The nerves that control the oil and moisture of the feet become damaged, and can no longer do their job properly.

3. Calluses

Calluses are parts of the skin that become very thick due to constant pressure or friction. These are much more likely to form when you suffer from diabetes. This is because during diabetes there are high-pressure areas under the feet. If calluses are not trimmed or removed, they may tear open and result in sores known as ulcers.

4. Foot Ulcers

Ulcers are cuts or tears in the feet where the layers of skin break down. These exposed areas are easily susceptible to infection and can be very painful. They often occur on the ball if the foot, or on the bottom of the big toe. If you do discover an ulcer, it is best to keep off your feet for a while to allow it to heal. Although, poor blood circulation may make the healing process take very long

5. Poor Circulation

Poor blood circulation, also known as poor blood flow, can make sores and infections take longer get better than they should. It is also one of the biggest causes for loss of feeling in the feet. When your blood circulation is not in good health, your feet may often feel numb and cold. Sometimes you may not even feel it when you have a cut or sore on your foot, which increase the chances of it becoming infected. In some cases, blood circulation and foot problems may become so extreme that amputations are needed

6. Amputation

It is usually the absolute last resort, but it is not uncommon. People with diabetes are the people who are at the highest risk for needing an amputation. This is largely due to peripheral arterial disease (PAD) which reduces and restricts the blood flow to the feet. PAD, together with poor blood circulation throughout the body, and nerve damage, can make the need for an amputation all the more likely

How can I treat or prevent these problems?

The best way to take care of diabetic foot problems is to treat the problem right at its root cause. In this case, it means making sure that you get your blood sugar levels under control and in doing so managing your diabetes The Manna Blood Sugar Support is uniquely formulated, natural and organic supplement which helps to maintain even blood sugar levels.
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