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Candida Support 3 Month Special

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Manna Candida Support: 3 Month Special

  • Helps to Balance Blood Sugar
  • Restricts Fungal Growth
  • Anti-oxidant Effect attacks fungus
  • Direct Antifungal Effect


The different ingredients work synergistic to attack fungal growth.


Allergy to the ingredients A serious heart condition



Manna Candida Support is a nutritional supplement and not a medicine

Dosage & Directions for Use

1 Capsule 3 times per day, with food.

Pack Size

3 x 90 Capsules


1. Prosopis Mixture (Manna®)

Keeping insulin levels normal by stabilizing one’s blood sugar levels is very important to suppress the cravings of sugary foods.

2. Eucalyptus Extract (Flavonoids and Polyphenols)

The Anti-Oxidant properties (ORAC Value)in the Flavonoids and Polyphenols from this natural Eucalyptus extract is even higher than grape seed extract.

The Anti-Viral and Anti-Inflammatory properties are also very high, assisting in the relief and fighting of bacterial and yeast overgrowth like Candida.

3. Warburgia salutaris (Pepper Bark Tree)

Warbugia, an antifungal herb, is the most valuable of the natural
antimicrobials, and the bark and leaves have been used to treat yeast, fungal, bacterial and protozoal infections for centuries. This makes Warburgia not only excellent for helping treat bacterial infections such as chest infections (especially bronchitis) but also kills off the pesky candida albicans fungi.

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I was diagnosed with candida in 2014 and did not do anything to the matter. In December 2015 I became very ill with all sorts of symptoms, no energy, dizziness, fatigue, poor eyesight. The doctor prescribed a very expensive substance that I had to take over a 7 day period and a terrible diet that drained all my energy. Once done with treatment I went back to being ill. I have been using the candida support and the Gut support together for almost 2 weeks and I can feel a huge difference in my body. I am eating healthy as far as I can, but if I want to eat rice or potatoes I just go ahead and do it and no more dizziness and weakness. I want to see what happens after the 3 months supply is done.



I've been suffering from candida for a few years now.My regular doctor could not diagnose that I had this excessive yeast gut infection.A naturopath/homeopath diagnosed my condition immediately and put me on natural treatments which work. Once off his treatment I noticed,depending on which food I ate,my symptoms started returning.I found out about this product and decided to try it.I am very pleased to say that it works very well.I find I can be a "little naughty" and eat some of the foods that I should not having this candida condition. So I am very happy with this product.



I am happy with the product up to now, although I think it is too soon to say whether it helps yet as I have only been using it for a couple of weeks. I will only see a result after a month to 6 weeks.



I was really worried about taking this product. the name alone (candida) made me feel like I don't think that I have such a problem (fungus).
But when I read up about the symptoms, I was shock that I have most of them.
After about 3days of taking it. I felt that in the mornings,I wake up, without feeling all stuffed in the face & nose. I sleep better.I'm feeling like I am eating less. I am not giving off bad breath anymore.
Is amazing.


Maggie Strydom

I am so thankful that I discovered this product from Manna. I suffered from yeast infections a lot but since using Candida Support I rarely get yeast infections.


Rona Fletcher

I had been to a doctor twice in 2 weeks suffering from dizziness, he gave me 3 lots of medication, nothing helped. I saw the article on Candida and bought 3 months supply. The same day after only taking 4 tablets the dizziness dissapeared. I am also sleeping much better since taking Candida. Thank you.



Definitely works.


Erica Louw

I've been treated for a Candida infection by a homeopath about 3 years ago. About 8 months ago my feet started itching, deep inside my feet that scratching with any object I could find didn't help. I tried anything in my medicine and kitchen cupboard, even vinegar but nothing helped. I visited two doctors and they couldn't help either. My sleeping pattern was so disturbed, I would wake up at night up to 7 times from itching feet. I affected my work because the itch was day and night! A newsletter from Manna focussed on Candida and I started reading about it and noticed that an itching skin could be an indication of Candida infection. Out of sheer desperation, I ordered a 3 months supply. I took my first tablets (3, thinking I would give this Candida infection a boost!) last week Monday evening and the following evening the itch was gone! Completely!! But, I must take it 3 times a day te remain effective. Thanks Manna, your Candida support have saved my life!


Maria Perestrello

I have have had this for a week only. I see a improvement in myself.
Thank You



I've been struggling with chronic vaginal infections and since I take Candida, it dissapeared.